110 Gel type weak acidic cation exchange resin

110 Gel type weak acidic cation exchange resin


110 Gel type weak acidic cation exchange resin

110 Gel type weak acidic cation exchange resin


Product introduction

The product is a cation exchange resin with a COOH group modified by a secondary porogen, a secondary polymerization of a single pore, a high molecular weight polymer by high temperature suspension polymerization, and a late functional group modification. It has high selectivity for divalent transition metals, high exchange capacity, fast exchange speed, strong resistance to organic pollution, good regeneration performance, easy regeneration, fast elution speed and strong resistance to penetration. It is mainly used in water softening or dealkalization, pharmaceutical industry, wastewater treatment, etc.

This product is equivalent to Amberlite: IRC-84, Lewatit CNP-84, Purolite C-104

Physical and chemical performance indicators

Resin structure



white translucent spherical particles

Functional group


Volume capacity (mmol/ml 

≥ 4.0 (H+),  ≥ 2.0 (Na+)

Particle size (0.315-1.25mm)

≥ 95% 


43 - 60 (H+)

Specific density (g/ml 

1.12 - 1.18 (H+)

Bulk density (g/ml 

0.68 - 0.82 (H+) 

Sphericity after attrition% 

≥ 93% 

Max swelling rate (%) 

H+→Na+ 80-100% 

Ionic form

Na+ or H+ 

PH range


Temperature °C

H+ 100, Na+ 82

Service flow rate (gpm/cu.ft.)

1 - 5

Regeneration concentration (H+)

HCl: 2-5% or H2SO4: 2-8%

Regenerant flow rate (gpm/cu.ft.)

0.3 - 1.5

Regenerant contact time (minutes)

> 30